P4W is a well established Inverness-based charity that works across Highland.

When P4W started back in 2004 it was with the help of a local business who supported our work and made the beginning of the charity possible - so we have some experience of working with business and we would like to do more.

Charities like P4W often need lots of support and expertise to help them function - businesses often link with charities as a way of demonstrating that they are also interested in the communities where they are based - maybe this could be the start of a great relationship?

Is your business looking for a community partner? Maybe it could be P4W?

Does your business have an interest in health and wellbeing?

Do you like to see people being proactive in looking after themselves?

Do you have a concern about the social isolation of people living in rural areas, or even in Inverness and other Highland towns?

Do you have an older person in your family who finds transport difficult and yet still needs to get around?

Maybe you simply care about the community in which you are based and you would simply like to make a difference to it?

If that is you are your business then we would love to hear from you!

Contact Robert Locke the P4W Manager and come and visit the team.