P4W gets lots of positive feedback from the many volunteers we work with - if you are thinking of volunteering then why not with P4w? We have a range of volunteering experiences available and we could even design one around your availability?

The following was written by Roy who recently retired from volunteering after contributing for almost 10 years!

'I have just retired after 9 and a half years driving with P4W Transport. I have done a lot of voluntary work but can honestly say that this has been the most rewarding of them all.

It has been a mixture of all sorts of experiences which include the following:

Being able to help those less able than myself, especially those who can no longer drive and have lost their feeling of independence. They are so appreciative of the services we provide.

Meeting some great people. If you are on a regular run then some people will share some of their experiences with you. Some of the stories are quite remarkable and I feel privileged to have got to know some of the clients.

Wondering who devised the street numbering system in some parts of the city and also why are the house numbers o the gable ends of houses instead of the wall facing the road? It all makes life more interesting and a bit of a challenge.

Find places in Inverness that I never knew existed and learning a lot of the history of Inverness from the clients.

Having driven for so long, some of my original clients have passed on but are not forgotten.

Lots of fun with the clients, some who have a very good sense of humour and are quick witted.

Balancing an umbrella in one hand and an elderly client in the other. Sometimes got wet but that happens in the normal run of life anyway.

Feeling a wee bit agitated when stuck behind traffic when the canal bridge is open and a doctor's appointment is imminent and you have a client in the car. Office staff see to this by phoning the surgery so that the client doesn't miss the appointment.

Having a cup of tea, if time permits, at the McKenzie Centre where you often meet some people who are not on your regular run, and have a good craik with the staff.

There are lots of other drivers but you don't see them so often due to working different days and times but there are staff meetings and training days for various things that help us in the job. We even went to Rollerball where everyone had a blast and some of us surprised ourselves with our ability.

Last but by no means least, are the staff in the office. Always good natured and helpful. They are so supportive and go out of their way to make life easier for staff and clients alike. A real pleasure to work with (even if Fiona and I had a bit of a tussle as to who got the orange creams in the sweets donated by clients).

Finally, if after reading this you think you might be interested in becoming a volunteer driver then my advice is to stop thinking about it and just do it. Yours and others' lives will benefit from it.'