Around 1.30pm, we will be walking from the obvious car park (463710) on the A855 above Flodigarry. (If this is full there is another a little back towards Staffin). Just below the car park is a small Lochen, combined with brilliant views to Eilean Flodigarry, the Minch and Gairloch.

Atlantic convoys (1939-1945), sometimes began to assemble here. As we talked about last week it also has deep connection to that amazing woman, Flora Macdonald and her family.

The newly renovated footpath starts directly from the car park. Eventually it meets the Quiraing and Trotternish honeypot trail.

Our more limited objective is walking alongside Loch Langaig up to Loch Hasco. The latter has very well placed rocks for us to sit on and gaze around. It's a lovely setting with the towering cliffs of Leac nan Fionn just in front, and the loch nestled cosily in its own setting, with the volcanic Trotternish ahead and the ice now long melted from the ice age, both carving conveniently out this once wild spot.

The distance, linear, is our usual amount. The path gently climbs to our objective. Nancy's family also have wedding traditions up here. On our return, there emerges completely different views across to the open sea.

Once back one to one and a half hours later, we may be tempted by beckoning refreshments at either Columba 2000 or the Staffin Community centre adjacent to the shop?....