Partnerships for Wellbeing began in 2004 - it was set up to take on the leadership of volunteer led projects that had formerly been run 'in-house' by the NHS in Highland. The big emphasis then and now remains with being the supporter and leader of volunteer-led projects and services.

We have always wanted to enable people from the communities they live in to make a difference to community life 'where they are'. We will continue to support this founding vision in any way that we can.

In the beginning there were only a few volunteers delivering some of our services but today this has grown to more than 200! Over the time our volunteers have made a massive contribution to the health and wellbeing of people in Inverness through our transport service and even more widely through the extensive network of health walks that we run.

Partnerships for Wellbeing has been supported over the years by many partners and other stakeholders - it has always had a small staff team that has contributed to its development - this is also true today with our five part-time staff team members based near the River Ness in Inverness.

In the last year Partnerships for Wellbeing has undergone a major identity upgrade - while still registered with its traditional name, we are now working day to day as P4W - you can see our new logo all over this website.

Our two main services have also changed too - our previous Step It Up Highland health walks service is now P4W Walk - and our previous Inverness Voluntary Transport Scheme is now P4W Transport.

We also see our work with volunteers as an additional service P4W Volunteer - especially when we see all of the amazing benefits that volunteering has for individuals and their communities - why not join us a volunteer? You really could make a massive difference.