This short film shows what happens on a typical health-walk. The film refers to Step It Up Highland the previous project name for P4W Walk - you can see how health walks work and how they positively impact on the health and wellbeing of participants


Lynne our P4W Walk Co-ordinator recently won the Paths for All Volunteer Manager of the Year award - the following short clip was shown at the awards ceremony in Edinburgh

Numbers / Stats - P4W Walk

  • 33 separate walking groups across Highland
  • 160 trained volunteer walk leaders
  • 1,533 group health-walks took place over the last year


  • ' I've met lots of great people and seen my health improve - I've also seen health improve for people recovering from operations and others with mental health issues'
  • ' I walk to help me with fatigue and pain issues - the walk leaders are very supportive, reassuring and encouraging - I have lots more stamina and confidence now'

Numbers / Stats - P4W Transport

  • 700 clients registered with our transport service
  • 134 new clients registered during the last year
  • 42 volunteer drivers - but we need more!


  • Getting help from P4W Transport is the best thing that's happened to me in a long time. I really enjoy meeting all the drivers and have made many connections'
  • It's so lonely being in the house all the time. I can't walk very well and if it wasn't for your service I wouldn't go out. I now go to the craft club on Thursdays too. I know all your drivers and they're so nice. I look forward to getting out'
  • We will always be grateful for your support and I know Mum always enjoyed all the kindness and fussing from your lovely drivers'
  • It gives me great peace of mind, knowing when my husband will be picked up and when he'll be home.....I now have time to go shopping and meet friends'