P4W has started partnering with Paths for All and their Smarter Choices, Smarter Places programme to support active travel in Highland.

We are incorporating our active travel work into our highly successful P4W Health Walk project to encourage all those walking weekly with us to build active travel into their daily lifestyle.

In doing this we are playing our part in continuing to improve health, create safer communities and reduce environmental impacts.

Active travel simply means making journeys by physically active means - such as walking or cycling.

Over 50% of all driven journeys in Scotland are less than 5km with 26% being less than 2km - there is plenty of scope for achieving a significant shift to walking and cycling as the most sustainable forms of transport.

Walking is key to getting more people choosing not to use cars as it is ideal for shorter trips. Walking also forms part of public transport journeys - walking to and from buses and trains.

There are lots of positive impacts including:

  •  reduced congestion
  •  reduced air pollution
  •  higher quality public spaces
  •  better physical, mental and social health

We are planning to provide plenty of encouragement, support and guidance to help our health walk participants (and new walkers) into switching more of their journeys to 'on foot' or 'by bike'.

The Smarter Choices, Smarter Places programme is supporting us in our work to help Scotland become an even more active nation.

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