This time last week we were hours from an announcement from the UK government that we were facing at least three weeks of ‘lockdown’. Daily life has radically changed in the blink of an eye and many people in our society are facing unprecedented levels of difficulty, hardship and suffering. Here at Partnerships for Wellbeing we want to let all our volunteers and clients know we are thinking about you- we hope you are keeping well and we very much hope we will soon be able to continue to support you and the great work that you do. In the meantime we are exploring how best to support our community and working behind the scenes to improve our service.

A few reflections after week one of ‘lockdown’;

    • Connecting with family and friends is an immense support. Phone calls, emails, video chat & social media are offering ways to keep in contact when we are being asked to socially distance. Please let us know if you are currently not in contact with anyone, we can help. Similarly if you have access to the internet via a computer or smart phone but are struggling to use it we can provide some guidance over the phone on how to get connected. Call Kate on 07497 357198.
    • People are amazing. The volunteer networks that have sprung up around the country to support the elderly, vulnerable and those self-isolating are quite simply, remarkable. The Highland Third Sector Interface is creating a directory of groups active in Highland which can be accessed here -
    • Keeping active requires a bit of creativity! For many, one walk a day on your own or in your family group may not quite be hitting the spot and for those that have to stay indoors due to shielding this is not even an option. Paths for All have a fantastic strength and balance YouTube channel and the British Heart Foundation have an excellent article on keeping active in the home.
    • Nature carries on as usual and this is somehow reassuring. We are well into spring now with wood anemones and wild garlic covering the woodland floors and birds gathering nesting materials. Signs of spring can be spotted from our windows and for those of us able to get outside once a day- we can notice these changes as we explore our local area. The one certainty is change is constant; this knowledge has been giving me a bit of comfort during this challenging time.