We will at least start on what is eventually the key approach to the Cuillin ridge on this side. The key reason for starting on this renovated (by the John Muir Trust), path opposite the St John's Mountain Rescue post, is to get a little closer to the classic dominating view and of the famous ridge. Standing proud in front is Sgurr nan Gillean. But as you look closer there are no less than three of the famous 12 Skye Monros. The other two being, Bruach na Frithe and Am Bhasteir. Attached to the latter is the spectacular Bhasteir tooth.

We will just go gently as always and see how far we can and want to go. One rather ridiculous barrier is one of the sets of giant stepping stones about half an hour in, with a gentle walk. We will need to take a group decision if that's enough etc. Safety and balance are of paramount importance. By that stage we will have already crossed the first "honeypot " bridge and lovely waterfall.

If we do proceed, the path continues much the same until a second....and what I call the climber's bridge. No matter what or how little we do, there is again a sense of Skye wildness at its best. On the way back on this linear walk the views are of the loch Slighacan etc.

This path is historically significant in Mountaineering terms. The Inn was a traditional one and the first mountain guide in the Scotland and the UK, John Mackenzie (1859- 1942), was based here. He was a Gaelic speaking crofter from Sconser. It is said he climbed Sgurr nan Gillean aged 10, starting on this footpath. He and professor Norman Collie formed an amazing Mountaineering partnership and deep friendship together, at a time when people of different class backgrounds rarely mixed. They are buried in Struan churchyard next to each other, which both wanted. Their deep humanity perhaps a lesson to all in these volatile times. Collie's ledge is on Sgurr Mhic Choinnich,this is another Munro and is named in Gaelic after Mackenzie.

If we decide we want more, we may go to the other side of the Glenn and loop round the recently redone footpath to the other spectacular Alt Daraich waterfalls.  

Afterwards we may be tempted for the first time this season by tea and buns in the hotel!