So here we are in week 8, or is it 80? of the lock-down, how are you fairing?

For some of us this is excruciatingly dull, for others wonderfully relaxing not having the usual routine of fitting in work, childcare, household chores and numerous other tasks.

I’m sure that the one thing that we can all agree on is that it is important to keep interested in life and this does not include 16 hours a day of television!

So, a few suggestions for keeping interested, hopefully one or two might take your fancy.

Adult colouring books

These became rather popular a few years ago when it was discovered that colouring in, whilst usually carried out by the very young, had calming and stress relieving benefits for adults. These books can be purchased from Hobbycraft, W H Smith, online from Ebay and downloaded and printed for free. Give it a go, it can actually become quite addictive.

Bird Watching/listening

You don’t need a garden for this one. Pull a chair up to an open window, turn the radio and television off and simply look and listen. See if you can determine how many different calls you can hear, you don’t really need to know what birds they are coming from just listen and enjoy natures beautiful song.

Chair exercises

If you are unable to get out for your daily walk then try turning your radio up, preferably to a music station, sit in your chair and stomp your feet, raise your legs, shake your arms and circle your head. Basically, dance as though no one is watching, in the knowledge that with this lock-down they absolutely aren’t!


You don’t have to be Adele or Michael Buble to enjoy singing. Put on the radio and sing along as loud as you like, although obviously if you have neighbours a bit of consideration is needed!


Throw off everything that’s cluttering up your dining room or kitchen table and get out a puzzle, picking up and placing the fiddly little pieces is brilliant for helping with fine motor skills.

Crosswords & Sudoku

Keep your mind active by trying out a wee book of crosswords. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to finish as we all have plenty of time.

Lastly, Phone calls

Having a chat with family and friend’s is something that we all have time for now. Try not to dwell too much on the inconvenience of the lock-down and chat about the things that you are doing to try to pass the time!

If your caller is young and fit or has a computer ask them to help you source some of the items above for you to have a go at. Ebay and Amazon often have some reasonable books, puzzles etc as well as local supermarkets.

Give something a go, after all what have you to lose? At least one of these suggestions has to beat hours and hours of daytime television, surely!